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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snee Farm

Hey folks, just like in real life, my blogs won't be as pretty as Jodi's.

We have a confirmed location for the first stop on the farming adventure. Snee Farm.

We run a small-holding in an isolated area at the foot of the Ox-Mountains. We mainly specialize in Pigs and Bees, but keep a vast variety of other animals like cows, a Pony, Chickens, Ducks and Geese and many more. We bought our house two years ago in a derelict stage and are busy with the finishing touches. We grow our own vegetables, cut our own Turf for heating in the winter, kill our own animals at times and, if time allows, spin wool, make baskets and definitely preserve our veg and fruit. We also make our own wine. During the winter (if the cow won't let us down) we'll make butter and cheese. Work with us can be hectic and we work and play hard, but if you're easy going, motivated and don't mind work, you'll have a good time at " Snee ". Unfortunately we won't accommodate vegetarians, but let's face it, this is mainly a Pig farm. If you like to stay and work with us please send applications straight to our E-mail or phone us. We simply haven't got the time to access your mail through another website. Thank you

Brian Jackson & Elona Ambrey.

I think I'll slaughter my meal.


Dawn said...

Can't wait to hear about the slaughtering. Jodi can give you pointers. She sheared a sheep once.

Jodi said...

With wet feet! In Scotland!