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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Few Travel Tips:

Amsterdam is not an overly safe city for pedestrians. I don't care how cycle-friendly it is, it's bloody confusing to get around on two feet. But that's my two cents worth.

Bruges doesn't seem overly safe for stilettos/high heels. I don't know this from personal experience, but the fact that it's mainly covered in cobblestones would lead me to believe that heels are the not the best choice for a walking shoe.

If you're not good with accents, good luck in Glasgow!

If you're from Canada, get used to people assuming you're American. Everyone loves Canadians, but we're not the first guess for most.

A lot of people who are from Canada, say they're from Toronto. It seems to be easier for them to say instead of Guelph, Windsor, Ottawa, Trent/Peterborough.....

People still smoke indoors in Bruges. It's like an “old school” experience. Sitting in non-smoking and coming out of the establishment smelling like an ashtray. Oh well.

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