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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A moment on the farm

We interrupt this blog to bring you a moment of farminess. Here's David in this video to tell you more:

The pigs eat more than just apples -- they eat almost any vegetable waste generated on the farm: kitchen scraps, pulled weeds, etc. Just no meat or animal products (verboten), potato peelings (not good for them, apparently), or citrus (they turn their piggy noses up at it). Walking garbage disposals!

David is quite disappointed that they won't be slaughtered until probably February, when it's good and cold to hang the carcasses. Maybe we should come back through before heading home?!


David said...

I'm not "quite disappointed". I want to use the super duper sharp Swiss Army knife I bought (larger than pocket size), and I want to slaughter a meal that I eat. It's something I want to do as an omnivore/carnivore.

But that's me.

David said...

Also, it's not a farm. They have chickens and pigs, but the pigs will most likely be dead/food by February.

Jodi said...

Yes, hence the "moment" of farminess. :)